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my adrees is incorrect,how can i change?



You must look deep within yourself, find the weakness, and make it your strength. only then can you truly change.

and in terms of you address, that sucks.

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i need to erase some pictures and i can"t how can i do that??



Well if your picture eraser isn't working there are a few things to get rid of those pesky problems. There is always burning them in a metal trash can, just be careful not to touch the can as it is metal and will be hot. You can also cut it with a seraded knife, scissors, or any other sharp objectwith the ability to cut. There is also ripping and shredding into itsy bitsy pieces and i think it is the most rewarding making me feel a little less stressed and get out some of the pent up anger.

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car door lock stopped working so I took it out and fixed it. I now need a bezel ring to complete assembly. Who sells and/or installs these in the Utica area?



If you like it then you should a put a ring on it.


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key stuck in 2009 aveo ignition it starts up wheel not locked but won't go pass acce. to get key out . what is wrong


Suzanne W.

It sounds like maybe your automatic transmission shifter isn't working right and the key is stuck in the lock cylinder. You could try manually pushing the shifter left into the PARK position. If it doesn't recognize you're in park it won't let you remove the key. ...Read More

How much $ to get key made for 2007 Ford focus?


Tammie G.

Getting a basic key made will probably cost you less than $5. If you want a key with a key fob that can electronically unlock your vehicle, you'll likely pay around $125....Read More